10 Bollywood Star Who Become Zero To Hero

10 Bollywood Star Who Become Zero To Hero

Life is not easy as we think. It is very hard to live in the real world or even worse. But for those, who think there is nothing big that they can’t achieve. That thing makes them better than ever. In the Bollywood industry, a number of superstars live a miserable before becoming a Bollywood Star. With their acting, they prove that they can achieve the thing they could wish for themselves. Here in this article, we talk about 10 Bollywood star who becomes zero to hero. You can also check 8 most inspiring superstar in Bollywood

#1. Irrfan Khan

Then – Irrfan Khan didn’t have any money to watch Jurrasic Park Movie.

Now – But now with his talent, he is able to starred in Jurrasic Park Movie.

#2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Then – Before entering into Bollywood industry Nawazuddin Siddiqui was a watchman in Delhi.

Now – But now his talent of acting, he achieves the National Film Awards.

#3. Arshad Warsi

Then – He sells Lipsticks & Nail polishes into the Mumbai buses.

Now – He played some of the iconic characters like Circuit and A leading role in Jolly LLB.

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#4. Manoj Bajpayee

Then – He got rejected by NSD 4 times.

Now – With his talent, he won 2 Filmfare & 2 National Film awards.

#5. Rajnikanth

Then – He worked as a collie, Carpenter & bus conductor.

Now – Now he became the most popular and favorite actor of India.

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