Top 10 Horror Games That Makes You Scream July 2017

Top 10 Horror Games That Makes You Scream

There are many kinds of games are present in the market. Some people like action games, some people like adventure or some of them like fantasy games. But there are few peoples present who like horror games. The popularity of horror game is a bit low because horror games sometimes turn into a bad way. Like you played the game in the day time and night time your game play becomes your nightmare. In this article, we are talking about 10 Horror Games That Makes You Scream.

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10 Best Horror Games

Let’s start our countdown with the number one scariest game in our list.

#1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Horror Games

Amnesia is a survival horror game that developed by Frictional Game. This game is released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux & PS4 platforms. This game is a single player game. In this game, a person erases his memory and write a note before erasing the memory. In the note, it stated that a shadow follows him. When you play this game at your home in a lonely room. Surely it makes you scream.

#2. Outlast

Horror Games

Outlast is a one person survival game that developed by Red Barrels. In this game, a person investigates several buildings that guarded by many zombies or ghosts like things. When the person enters into the building then hunting starts. You have a camera to record things. You will be chased by many monsters and killed by them. This games always rose up your heartbeat while playing.

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#3. Dead Space

Horror Games
                          Dead space

Dead Space game is based on science fiction survival horror game. This game is developed by EA Redwood Shores. Dead Space is only released for Microsoft Windows, PS3 & Xbox 360. This is played by only a single player. The plot of this games is futuristic. You played this game is darkness and surely it will make you scream.

#4. Alien: Isolation

Horror Games
                                 Alien: Isolation

Like other games, this game is also survival horror game that developed by Creative Assembly. This game is based on Alien Science Fiction horror film series. This game is published by Sega. Alien: Isolation is based on a single player mode. Gadgets like flamethrower & motion tracker are used in this game. This game is fun with horror but at last, it will make you scream.

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