BahuBali 2 Parody feat. Clash of Clans Funny Video

Clash of clans is known as one the most popular game for Android and iOS. This game won the heart of many people with its fantastic look and character. Clash of Clans is a strategy game and you can also play this game with your friends. Due to the huge popularity of this game, there are many prank video, funny video available on YouTube and many other platforms.

But one of the most popular and amazing clash of clans video is featured Bahubali 2. This is one of the most epic movies of Indian Cinema. BahuBali 2 Parody feat. Clash of Clans Funny Video. It breaks all earning records worldwide and earn 1500 crore+ Rs. world-wide. Bahubali 2 released in multi-language and it is pre-sequel of Bahubali Part 1.

You can watch Bahubali 2 online at many websites but in this video, we will add something interesting in the video. Clash of clans all characters are the feat. in Bahubali 2 Parody. As we all know Clash of Clans is one of the addictive game in Android. You can also Read more about the clash of clans in the below post.

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This video has gain popularity day by day with millions of views. Everyone like the editing done by the YouTuber. This Video is known as one of the videos based on a game. With the help of this video, many new Clash of Clans users also increased. The clash of clans has millions of user active all day.

This thing shows that how many people interact with this game all day. In the clash of clans you have to start with the town hall level 1 and it will go to town hall 11 According to current update. In this, the most important are the town hall. It contains loot and dark elixir. If your twin hall destroyed the opponent get one star out of three stars, but if he destroyed your base with 50% destruction with the town hall, then opponent get two stars out of three stars. On the other hand, if your base is 100% destroyed then opponent get the three stars.

The stars help an opponent to rise in its league. The highest league is legend league in this game. You can also see the top player and top clan worldwide or local. If you are in a clan, you can settle a war with another clan. For winning that war you must have to take more stars than the opponent. After winning a war, you will be rewarded with loot bonus. A war star shows your reputation level. The more stars you get that means you are more experienced. And it is easy for you to get in any clan.

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There are many interesting troops in this game like Barbarian, Archers, Wizard, Pekka, Giants, Wall Breakers, Ballons, Witch, Golem, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Minion and Bowlers etc. The High Rider is considered as one of the funniest characters of this game. In their official video, you can watch it also. This game also contains three type is additional troops Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Grand Warden. At town hall 7 you are able to unlock Barbarian King and at town hall 9 you are able to unlock Archer Queen. But at town hall 11 Grand Warden is unlocked.

Both king and queen take dark elixir for upgrading but Grand Warden is upgraded on the elixir. These heroes are healed after doing an attack. That’s why this game is most popular among all ages people.

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