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Watch Online Death Note Episode 5 English Subbed Mp4 Download

Watch Online Death Note Episode 5 English Subbed Mp4 Download – Death Note is another Japanese anime, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The main character of the story is Light Yagami. He was a high school student who found a supernatural notebook (death note) from a Shinigami (Death God) named as Ryuk. He was the real owner of the book. Ryuk grants the ability to kill anyone whose name or face is known by the users.

After finding the death note, Light Yagami referred himself as a God and a detective whose name is L tried to stop Light. After all, Light is known as Kira, which means killer in the Japanese language. At that time, people said that Kira can kill anyone by knowing their face or name.

Death Note – Full Story AMV Video | Short Anime AMV

Watch Online Death Note Episode 5

Download Death Note Episode 5 English Subbed Mp4

Characters of Death Note

Here is the full list of all characters of Death Note listed below. Note that these all are the main character of Death Note anime.

1). L

  • He is a detective who works for Interpol.
  • He is the first who start searching of Kira.

2). Light Yagami

  • He is the most brilliant high school student.
  • He is the main character of the story who find death note.

3). Misa Amane

  • She is a famous model.
  • She is the second Kira in death note.

4). Mello and Near

  • They both are the detectives.
  • Near work for FBI and Mello work for the Mafia.
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5). Ryuk and Rem

  • They both are the Death God and referred as shinigami.
  • Ryuk is the partner of Light Yagami and Rem is the partner of Misa Amane.
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