Goku Dragon Ball Z Full Story with Frieza Arc

Dragon Ball Z Is Japanese series commonly called DBZ. It is most popular anime series for all aged people. Dragon Ball is produced by Toei Animation. In this video, we are looking at how Dragon Ball Z is an adventurous series in which Goku along with her companions defends earth from all villains, dangerous powers and indestructible creatures. So in this video, we are looking how Goku started his journey to become a legend. You can watch Dragon Ball Z series online at CoolzVideos. We daily update Dragon Ball Z series in one video. This short clip contains Goku journey and how Goku Kills Frieza in her early age.

Frieza is one of the most destructive characters in Dragon Ball Z. This is the complete video of Dragon Ball Z season. You can watch complete Dragon Ball Z season in this video. If we talking about Dragon Ball Z Goku along with her companions fight against a humanoid alien named Raditz. They arrive earth in a spacecraft and revealed that they are lost their big brothers and extinct race Goku. They also called Goku as “Kakaroot”.  Raditz also reminds Goku that they send Goku to Earth to destroy it but due to the head injury he forgets all his memory and forgets about her mission. So they are here to remind to the destruction of the earth but Goku refuse to help them and go away. After That, they kidnaped Goku Son Gohan.

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Now Goku team up with his former enemy Piccolo to defeat Raditz. So in this fight, Goku lost his own life to save his son Gohan and trained under Kaio-Sama until he revived by the Dragon Ball to save earth from Dragon Ball z. During battle Piccolo along with Goku allies Chaozu, Yamcha and Tenshinhan were killed. But after revived Goku Defeat Nappa with her great skill of power and now Vegeta enters the battle. Vegeta is the son of Prince Saiyan but after numerous number clashes Goku successfully defeated Vegeta as well and save Gohan with his Best Friend Krillin.

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Goku with all her allies starts collecting Dragon Balls to revive their dead friends. But Vegeta superior, Lord Frieza is already collecting dragon balls to granting an eternal life. Now Vegeta after healing arrived Earth and team up with Gohan and Krillin to fight against Ginyu Force ( Team of Frieza), Frieza and his team show great power but soon Goku arrives and transforms into Super Saiyan. Finally Goku with his KAMEHAMEHA power defeat Frieza.

Final Words:-

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