Hunter X Hunter Full Story- I will show you watch full online stream AMV

Hunter X Hunter
Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter Full Story- I will show you watch full online stream AMV. Hello friends, watch the Hunter X Hunter Full Story AMV anime full episode in high quality. The Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese Manga and anime series like Dragon Ball, Boku No Hero Academia, and Bleach. On October 2, 2011, first episode of its anime television series is aired and a number of total 148 episode was aired till September 23, 2014. It’s anime television series was licensed by Viz Media and its network is NTV, Animax Asia, and Toonami. These series get a huge financial success by selling 66 million copies in Japan only as of 2014.

In this series, hunters are considered as one of the main things, the hunter gets the license so that they go anywhere in the world, where normal people can’t enter. The license is given by Hunter association only to whom who clear the hunter exam. Many hunters use Nen that is the ability of his aura or life. There are four different kinds of Nen techniques – Ten which is used for defense, Zetsu which counsel you presence, Ren which enables a person to use more Nen and last one is Hardy in which a person use a specific Nen.

Hunter X Hunter Full Story- I will show you watch full online stream AMV-

Nen users are classified into six different types that based on their hats ability. Enhancers in this a person strength the natural physical ability. Emitters in which they project aura out of their body. Manipulator these can control the objects and live things. Transmuters are those who can change the shape of their aura. Conjurers which can create objects from their aura. Specialties these have a unique ability and can’t come into any of these categories.

Gone Freecss was the main character in this story and he went to search his father.  For finding his father he has to become the hunter and for that, he has to clear the hunter examination. In his journey, he meets his new friends Kurapika, Leorio and Killua Zoldyck. Killua is from an assassin family. So he inherited the strong powers from birth. In the anime series he can control electricity but in Manga, he can use fire. From here the storyline begin.

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