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One Piece Full Story | Monkey D Luffy vs Doflamingo Full Fight

One piece is known as the most selling manga series of all time. From last 20 years, it is still running. This is based on a character name Monkey D Luffy. Accidentally one day, he eats a devil fruit which gives the power of rubber. This makes him incredibly strong. Devil fruit contains the special kind of power and one devil fruit only possess one kind of power. A person only eats one devil fruit if he tries to eat two devil fruit that person die instantly.

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He wants to be the pirate king. He starts his journey by joining Roronoa Zoro who is also known as the right hand of Luffy. Roronoa Zoro is a swordsman and wants to be world’s greatest swordsman. After that, they head for search in the one piece. Later Nami joined then who is a navigator and thief. Then Usopp joins them who is a snippet and a liar. Later then Vinsmoke Sanji joins them who is a chef. They all start their journey in the ship Merry.

But Merry is not so good ship and one day it will be destroyed. Later then a shipwright makes a new ship Sunny for them. The shipwright is Franky later he and Brook, Nick Robin and Tony Tony Chopper join them. Now all starts their journey.

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In one piece you see not only human but many other kinds or races too like fisherman etc. Later Luffy Brother Ace has yielded the power of Flame devil fruit and known as the son of pirate king Gol D Roger was killed. The death of his brother gives him a huge shock that is hard to take on Luffy. After that Rayleigh who is also known as Dark King or right hand of Pirate King give training to Luffy.

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After two years when they meet with each other they all became so strong. Luffy yields the Kings Haki that is only possessed by some people. That thing makes Luffy one of the strongest Haki user. Luffy best mode is known until today is Gear Fourth in which he seems like a Gorilla with a bouncy body. It gives him incredible power that helps him to defeat one of the strongest opponent Doflamingo. See the full fight of Luffy Vs Doflamingo in the video given above.

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