Top 10 Creative Cheaters In WWE |Kofi Kingston Vs Bray Wyatt Battleground

Top 10 Creative cheaters In WWE You Must Watch 2017-

WWE is one of the reputed sports industry in the world. Here is the WWE latest video for creative cheaters. WWE is one of the most reputed industry in the sports entertainment. So in this article, we’re looking at Top 10 Creative cheaters in WWE industry. On the top list, Eddie Guerrero is present. Eddie Guerrero throwing a chair on Mr.Kennedy, so referee to think Kennedy uses the chair. At last match, the award goes to Eddie Guerrero. Kurt Angle also listed on the list, he uses his brother to defeat Undertaker. Bret Hart is also the cheaters in the WWE. He uses the iron shield against Goldberg spear. Goldberg is hurt by its own spear.  Surprising The rock is at No.2 in creative cheaters in WWE. Watch the video till the end to know which superstar is present in the list of Creative cheaters.

FULL MATCH — Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt: WWE Battleground 2013 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Bray Wyatt looks to keep his undefeated streak alive against the high-flying Kofi Kingston. The battleground 2017 is just one week away and WWE is providing the full match of Kofi Kingstone vs Bray Wyatt in WWE exclusive network. Bray Wyatt is undefeated till Battleground, but Kofi Kingstone challenged him for Battle ground. Watch This video to know Is Kofi Kingstone is capable of beat Bray Wyatt. This match is played between New Days vs Wyatt Family.  Both teams battle so many time and the final battle is taking place in Battleground 2013 ground. This time single match played between both teams. Bray Wyatt looks dangerous before the match but Kofi Kingstone battled him with full confidence. Bray Wyatt looks to keep his undefeated streak alive against the high-flying Kofi Kingston.High Flying Kofi Kingstone is better in the singles match and he proves this it against Bray Wyatt.

Watch-  Goldberg Spear Destroys All Men in Just 2 Min-Goldberg Massive Fight

Final Word-

So this is the latest video from WWE about Top 10 Creative Cheaters In WWE |Kofi Kingston Vs Bray Wyatt Battleground. Subscribe our youtube channel for more updates.  To watch Battleground subscribe WWE network for Free.

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