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Watch Game Of Thrones Episode 3 Season 7 Online Download With Eng Subtitles-Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 – The Queen’s Justice is starting from the entry of Jon Snow after leaving Winterfell. In this GOT Season 7 Episode 3 Jon Snow meets Daenerys first time. After meeting with Jon Snow, Daenerys give him choice to bend the knee and become Warden of the North and left the position of King of the North. If he accepted this choice then she gives him forces to fight with white walkers. Daenerys said Jon Snow to join her and fight with Cersei. It is also stated in this Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 that Cersei is better political strategist than Tyrion. But what will happen we can see in the future episodes.

In this episode, the interesting thing is that Jon and Tyrion spent some moments with each other after a long time and insult each other with some taunts. Tyrion talks him about his marriage with Sansa and tells him that he spent his night with some comedy. When Jon and Tyrion spent some moments together then Daenerys do fun stunts in which a dragon almost head offs Jon Snow. But on the other side, she gave weapon and boat to the Jon Snow. After Missandei rattles off Daenerys’ full three minutes of titles and catch phrases, Sir Davos pipes up with “This is Jon Snow. He’s King in the North.” A Minutes later, he will accidentally reveal that Jon used to be dead.

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