Watch Online One Piece Episode 806 English Subbed Mp4 Download – “The Power of Satiety! A New Gear Four Form – Tank Man!” In the previous episode of One Piece To East Blue – Sanji’s Decision to Set Sail. That episode is also all about Sanji. We all know that his father Judge said that it is good if he was never born. All of the siblings of Sanji received great love from his father but Sanji never received that love from his father. Sanji only has memories of his mother and with the memories of his mother. He moved here & there. At last, he sailed for the great ocean. From here, the journey to the East Blue starts.

One Piece Episode 806 English Subbed Mp4 Download

In this episode of One Piece, we are going to see the new form of Luffy. We see that Luffy is eating lots of Biscuits and they multiply after eating them. Because of this Luffy’s whole body is swelled. He is trying to go into the Gear Four in this condition and then a new form of Gear Four is released. This new form is known as Tank Man. What are the power of this new form will be revealed in the next episode. So stay tuned with us and subscribe to Our Newsletter.


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